Horizon 2020 Standard Proposal Templates

Standard proposal template RIA/IA click here

Standard proposal template CSA click here

Standard proposal template PCP click here

Standard proposal template PPI click here

Standard proposal template ERA-NET Cofund click here

Horizon 2020 Standard Evaluation Forms

Horizon 2020 Standard Evaluation Form RIA/IA/CSA click here

Horizon 2020 Standard Evaluation Forms PCP/PPI click here

Horizon 2020 Standard Evaluation Form ERA-NET click here

Presentations and Webinars

 IMI-2 Call 14 webinars click here

IMI-2 Call 13 webinars click here

IMI-2 Call 12 and 11 webinars click here

IMI-2 Call 10 webinars click here

IMI-2 Call 9 webinars click here

How to implement Clinical Studies in Horizon 2020 webinar click here

IMI Stakeholder Forum 2017- Open innovation click here

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