The Clean Energy for all Europeans package places consumers firmly at the centre of the energy transition, with consumers considered as active market players in the energy system. The future consumer should be better informed and more aware, and have an increased capacity to fully engage in energy markets.
Such a transition requires consumers to change their energy consumption behaviour and increase their uptake of different forms of active demand solutions and services, including collective actions. To this end, remaining regulatory and market barriers for consumers should be addressed and innovative engagement and support schemes should be made more readily available to consumers, allowing for improved understanding of the benefits of engaging actively in the energy system. At the same time, it is important to develop a better understanding of the drivers of consumer acceptance and behaviour change in relation to energy efficiency.
Although the energy transition is expected to lead to a number of benefits for consumers, energy poverty continues to affect the quality of life of a significant number of European citizens. In combination with financial interventions and building retrofitting, low-cost measures at the household level and use of renewable energy are key solutions in alleviating energy poverty. Energy distributors under the energy efficiency obligation schemes, and public authorities play a central role in delivering energy efficiency measures and providing sustainable solutions to affected households.

Consumers may also play in the future an important role in engaging in clean energy, in particular in the decarbonisation of the electricity system which currently integrates 30% of production from renewable energy sources. We should therefore already test today what are the right incentives that can be put in place so as to reward them when playing a role in increasing the share of variable renewables in the electricity mix by, for example, by differing their consumption depending on the availability of this 'green' electricity. To be successful, the R&I community should not look only at consumers from an electricity grid perspective but make particular effort to understand how consumers consider, use and value the electricity grid and the services it provides to them.

The presentation related with Energy consumer which was made in H2020 Energy Info Day on 23-25 October 2017 is listed below:

Energy Consumers and Services