5GPPP Vision

The aim is in ten years from now, telecom and IT will be integrated towards a common very high capacity ubiquitous infrastructure, with converging capabilities for both fixed and mobile accesses.

5GPPP Mission

Development of next generation communication network and services that will provide superfast connection and uninterrupted service provision in every condition and everywhere

Who can join 5GPPP?

Industrial organizations, SMEs, research institutes and universities operating in the field of Information and Communication Technologies can participate through 5G PPP membership.

Working Fields

  • Network Architecture and Technologies
  • Network 
  • Network Visualisation and Software Networks


It is possible to join 5G PPP as a member. There are over 350 members representing different specialties from various European countries. Leading members include the following institutions and organizations:

Airbus, Atos, CEA-LETI, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, IBM, IMEC, Indra, Intel, NEC Europe, NSN, Orange Labs, Samsung, Telefonica, TNO, Telenor, Thales, VTT

Turkish Members of 5GPPP

5GPPP members from Turkey:

Netaş, Turkcell

How can be a member of 5GPPP

Industry firms, SMEs, Universities, Research Centers can become 5GPPP members. There are 3 different types of membership fees:

Organisation Type



7.000 Euro


3.000 Euro

Research Institutes and University 

3.000 Euro


To become a member 5GPPP membership application form must be filled via “Membership Application” link.

5G PPP members are expected to actively participate in at least one of the Working Groups listed below:

  • WG1: Pre-Standardization 
  • WG2: Spectrum  
  • WG3: 5G Architecture   
  • WG4: SDN / NDF
  • WG5: NetMgmt / QoS / Security
  • WG6: Vision and Societal Challenges 
  • WG7: Security
  • WG8: SME 
  • WG9: 5G Trials

5GPPP Roadmap Elements

  • Network Architecture and Technology
  • Network Management
  • Network visualization and software networks

Detailed Information

For detailed information please visit 5G PPP web-site