The AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) represents the aeronautics, space, defence and security industries in Europe in all matters of common interest with the objective of promoting and supporting the competitive development of the sector.

The ASD is responsible for the major events like information days and brokerage events in the field of Secure Societies.

ASD Vision

The vision of ASD is to represent the European industry to promote its interests and to ensure high priority for this sector in European public policy, provide early warning on policy issues, assess impact, initiate and shape policy and develop common position and Offer a single point of contact between this industry sector and relevant stakeholders in the European institutions.

ASD Mission

The missions of ASD are listed as follows: facilitate the development of SMEs and the Equipment sector within a competitive supply chain, coordinate at the European level such services and activities as R&T, cooperative European initiatives, environment, standardisation, training/retraining, quality, airworthiness; assess human resource and skills as well as social impact, promote trade in coordination with National Associations, sponsor workshops/conferences initiatives, promote international cooperation, lead the dialogue with other International Associations and Organisations and represent the European Aerospace and Defence industry towards the industry of other countries/regions where a European common denominator exists.

Who can join ASD?

Private companies with the aerospace, defence, security and space technologies expertise and national assocations are eligible for the membership of ASD.

Working Fields

The working groups of ASD are,

  • Civil aviation
  • Security
  • Space
  • Defence


The members of ASD consists of 15 European Aerospace and Defence Companies and 26 National Associations in 19 countries.

Turkish Members of ASD

Defence Industry Manufacturers Association from Turkey is the member of ASD.

How can be a member of ASD

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ASD Roadmap Elements

Detailed Information

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