EeB Vision

The construction sector is crucial to EU environment and energy policies as buildings use 40 % of total EU energy consumption and generate 36% of greenhouse gases in Europe. While the replacement rate of existing stock is very small (1-2% per year), the construction sector is on the critical path to decarbonise the European economy by 2050.

EeB Mission

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on Energy-efficient Buildings launched in December 2008 under the European Economic Recovery Plan managed to attract a high industrial participation and helped innovate the building sector. Under the new EU framework programme Horizon 2020, a contractual PPP on Energy-efficient Buildings will aim to develop affordable breakthrough technologies and solutions at building and district scale, facilitating the road towards future smart cities.

Who can join EeB?

The E2B Committee of ECTP is open to any organisation that would like to become a member. The members are made up of industrial, research, SMEs and public agencies, and together our influence becomes greater.

Working Fields

  • Develop technologies and solutions enabling to speed up the reduction in energy use and GHG emission in line with the 2020 goals
  • Develop energy efficiency solutions in order to turn the building industry into a knowledge-driven sustainable business, with higher productivity and higher skilled employees;
  • Develop innovative and smart systemic approaches for green buildings and districts, helping to improve the competitiveness of EU building industry by providing cost-effective, user-friendly, healthy and safe products for smart cities.


EeB Members could be reached via the link below.

Turkish Members of EeB

AKG Gazbeton

How can be a member of EeB

To become a member of EeB, please visit

EeB Roadmap Elements

  • Neutral/energy positive new buildings
  • Refurbishment to transform existing buildings into energy-efficient buildings
  • Energy efficient district/communities
  • Horizontal organisational aspects 
  • Horizontal technological aspects

Detailed Information

To become a member of EeB, the membership registration form at 'How to join' address should be filled.

The information given in this webpage is taken from EeB documents, the detailed information could be reached via