EERA Vision

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is an alliance of European public research centres and universities. 

EERA Mission

EERA is the public research component of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

Who can join EERA?

Universities and research organizations


EERA has members of research organizations and universities from different EU countries. The leading members are as follows.

  • Austrian Institute of Technology, Belgian Energy Research Alliance, CEA, CIEMAT, CIRCE, DLR,  ECN, ENEA, Frahofer Institutes, Helmholtz Association, IEN, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, LNEG, Paul Scherrer Institute, Rez Research Center, DTU, SINTEF, TECNALIA UKERC, VTT

Turkish Members of EERA

TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center, Middle East Technical University, İzmir University of Economics, Kadir Has University

How can be a member of EERA

Contacts with Joint Programmes should be made in order to become a member of the Association. To have more detailed information about the membership follow the link. 

EERA Roadmap Elements

The focus of the EERA is low carbon energy and energy efficiency. 

Detailed Information

There are 17 different Joint Programs in the European Energy Research Alliance. Membership in the Joint Programs is subject to contact with the respective Joint Program contacts. The general membership fee for EERA is 1,000 EURO and membership in some Joint Programs may require additional membership fees. For more information, please visit