ERRAC has been established in 2001 with the purposes of revitalizing the European Railway sector, encouraging railway innovation, guiding European railway research. 45 ERRAC members are composed of entities who are active in European railway research such as producers, operators, infrastructure owners, European Commission, EU Member States, academia, end users coming from separate fields. These members are representing main fields of conventional, high speed, and freight trains in both urban and regional levels.

Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking funding railway research, development, and innovation activities via its railway specific funding programmes.

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ERRAC Vision

ERRAC states its vision as the following:

1. Defining and implementing steps to achieve a joint European rail research and innovation strategy

2. Enhancing collaborative European rail research and innovation by:

  • Building consensus among stakeholders
  • Improving synergies between EU, national and private rail research
  • Strengthening and re-organising research and development efforts
  • Facilitating effective pooling of human and material resources
  • Launching ambitious co-operative research schemes

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ERRAC Mission

ERRAC has divided its missions under two different headings as General Tasks and Specific Tasks:

General tasks

  • Ensure the best alignment of the research programmes with the identified ERRAC research priorities
  • Identify synergies among various corporate, national and EU research programmes and promoting better co-ordination
  • Nurture and endorse new research initiatives
  • Evaluate on-going and completed projects
  • Drive training and development of engineers with new skills for the emerging technologies
  • Propose input for next EU Framework Programme

Specific tasks

  • Advise on future rail research needs to the European Commission for Framework Programmes
  • Promote ERRAC activities and implementing an efficient communication strategy

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Who can join ERRAC?

Umbrella organizations like CER, EFRTC, EURNEX, UIC, UITP, UNIFE can become members of ERRAC.

Working Fields

  • Creating European Railway Innovation and Research Strategy
  • Enhancing collaboration for European Railways
  • Building synergy nationwide and Europe-wide among railway stakeholders
  • Reorganizing research and development activities
  • Utilization of human and material resources
  • Forming cooperative research schemes


The list of member organizations can be found from ERRAC members site.


Turkish Members of ERRAC

Under the umbrella of International Union of Railways (UIC) Turkish State Railways is being represented in ERRAC.

You can investigate the members of UIC from UIC's vademecum.

How can be a member of ERRAC

ERRAC Roadmap Elements

ERRAC Road Maps has been came along as a CSA project during 7th Framework Programme and revealed a road map on implementations of Strategic Rail Research Agenda with strong fundamentals. Strategic Rail Research Agenda is divided into 6 essentials:

  1. Energy and Environment
  2. Personal Safety
  3. Test, Homologation, and Security
  4. Competitiveness, Facilitator Technologies
  5. Strategy and Economy
  6. Infrastructure

The resulting elements after road mapping is as follows:

  • Energy
  • Noise, Vibration, Sustainable Design, and Supply
  • Medium and Long Range Passenger and Freight Transport
  • Urban Transport (in collaboration with ERTRAC)
  • Intercity and Regional Railway Transport
  • Safety, Security, and Competitiveness (considering railway infrastructures)

You can go through Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda document for detailed descriptions.

Excluding those duties, ERRAC has taken active roles on developing and implementation of 75 different EU-funded railway project evaluation.

When ERRAC Road Map prepared, under the scope of passenger and freight transport, the interrelation among railway transport and other modes of transport has been drawn. In this context, medium to long range high speed and conventional trains, urban railway and multimodal transport systems put under the common scope.

To reach ERRAC Road Map's purposes, structure, outputs, project partners and project communication details, please follow this link.

Detailed Information

In order to get detailed information on ERRAC, and its roadmaps, analyses and report documents, please visit ERRAC web page.