FABRE TP - Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform is a leading platform in Europe for sustainable animal breeding and reproduction research and innovation. FABRE TP is the main contact point for all organizations in Europe involved in animal breeding and reproduction and it aims fostering research, technology and innovation


  • Safe and healthy food
  • Resilient, adaptive and healthy animals
  • Biodiversity
  • Social responsibility
  • Competitive and inventive Europe

FABRE TP Mission

  • Featuring sustainable farm animal breeding and reproduction in Europe
  • Designing research and innovation agendas and setting priorities
  • Bringing industry, knowledge institutes and policy organs together
  • Supporting innovation

Who can join FABRE TP?

Organization in Europe that can influence the EU, transnational and national research and innovation agendas participate in the R&I strategy, share ideas about innovations, pool actions with other members, share research and innovation results, increase the visibility and the voice of their organization, collaborate in EU, transnational and national Research and Innovation projects can become members of Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform - FABRE TP.

Working Fields

  • Farm animal breeding and reproduction
  • Research&development and innovation
  • Influencing policies on breeding and reproduction


FABRE TP -.Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform has 55 members all around Europe representing various expertise. A few leading members are as follows:

  • ALTA, ANPS, Aviagen, BenchMark Group, Cherry Valley, Cogent, CONAFE, Genus, Hendrix Genetics, Marine Harvest, Topigs Norsvin, Viking Genetics, Aarhus Üniversitesi, Iniav,INRA, IRTA,,KU LUEVEN, Nofima

Turkish Members of FABRE TP

Among the 64 members of Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform, there is no Turkish member.

How can be a member of FABRE TP

Organizations can become a member of FABRE TP providing that they fit to the 4 different membership categories given below:

  • Professional companies
  • RTD institutes/Universities
  • Knowledge Institutes
  • Breeding and reproduction organizations


To be a member of FABRE TP, applicants need to contact the organization on 'How to become a member' website.


For detailed information, you can click on Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform website.

FABRE TP Roadmap Elements

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