Forest-based Sector Technology Platform – FTP is a platform for Europe’s largest, and includes woodworking industries, pulp and paper industries and printing industries, as well as forest owners. It contributes some 8% of the EU’s total manufacturing added value, and sustainably manages forests covering 37% of the EU’s land area. The main goal of FTP is to gather key player in the forestry sector that has a critical importance for European Union.

Forest TP Vision

  • Sustainable and secure raw material access
  • The need of society e.g. substituting non-renewable products and fossil fuels
  • The need of the consumers
  • Renewal of the forest-based industry

Forest TP Mission

  • Helping to mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing large quantities of CO2
  • Securing the availability of renewable raw materials, while supporting the multiple uses of forests and safeguarding biodiversity, through sustainable forest management
  • Obtaining an economic and environmental balance in using forest biomass for products and energy, as well as substantially improving the forest industry’s energy-efficiency
  • Providing products and services that respond to changes in society’s needs
  • Developing and designing products that can be recycled, reused and finally converted to bio-energy
  • Achieving a significant decrease in capital intensity and increasing production flexibility through process innovations
  • Responding to new competition from other global regions

Who can join Forest TP?

The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform is a limited company under Belgium law (sprl). Thus membership to FTP is only possible if the applicant that is a confederation of the organizations employed in national forestry sector becomes a member of the founding confederations.

Working Fields

  • Sustainable supply of feedstock
  • Climate change
  • Recycling
  • Innovative production systems responsive to consumer demands
  • Sustainable production of forest based products
  • Bioeconomy


As a consequence of the fact that FTP is established under Brussels law, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform has three founding members:

Turkish Members of Forest TP

Among the members of Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, there is no Turkish member.

How can be a member of Forest TP

It is possible to become a member of Forest-based Sector Technology Platform FTP by being a member of one of the founding members. In order to be a member of any of the founding members, the applicants must be a confederation of the organizations employed in national forestry sector.


For detailed information, you can click on Forest-based Sector Technology Platform website.

Forest TP Roadmap Elements

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