Hydrogen Europe (formerly known as NEW-IG) is the leading industry association representing almost 100 companies, both large and SMEs, working to make hydrogen energy an everyday reality. Hydrogen Europe partners with the European Commission and the research community to accelerate the market introduction of these clean technologies in the energy and transport sectors

Hydrogen Europe Vision

Making hydrogen energy an everyday reality across Europe

Hydrogen Europe Mission

We bring together diverse industry players, large companies and SMEs, who support the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. We do this to enable the adoption of an abundant and reliable energy which efficienty fuels Europe's low carbon economy

Who can join Hydrogen Europe?

Companies in the fuel cells and hydrogen industry 

Working Fields

The implementation of the FCH 2 JU programme will be structured around two main innovation pillars in road transport and energy supported by cross-cutting research activities that integrate technologies applied both in energy and transport sectors such as codes and standards, training and studies.

  • Innovation pillar 1: FCH Technologies for Transportation Systems

          Road transport will be the principal priority as it offers the highest potential for addressing EU climate change and energy security objectives. The programme will address performance improvement and cost reduction of the next generation of fuel cell electric vehicles and developing the necessary hydrogen refuelling infrastructure – both critical points for mass market introduction. Non-road mobile vehicles and machinery, maritime, rail and aviation applications will also be included. 

  • Innovation pillar 2: FCH Technologies for Energy Systems

           In energy, the FCH 2 JU programme will focus on hydrogen as the flexible link between renewable energy and range of use in both mobile and stationary systems. Another focus area will be storage of renewable electricity and grid balancing, including hydrogen blending in the natural gas grid. Finally fuel cells in power, Combined Heat and Power and Combined Cooling Heat and Power systems for domestic, commercial, municipal and industrial applications uses and other small applications will also be included.  


There are more than 92 companies in Hydrogen Europe. Some of them are listed below:

  • Alstom, Adelan Ltd, BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, e-on, Honda, Hygear, Hyundai, Michelin, Nissan,  Siemens, Shell, Toyota, Vattenfall, Viessmann, Volvo 

Turkish Members of Hydrogen Europe

How can be a member of Hydrogen Europe

Company size

Annual fee (EUR)

Multi-annual fee (EUR)

(multi-annual commitment for 3 years, reduced fee invoiced and paid annually)














Hydrogen Europe Roadmap Elements

Detailed Information

Benefits of Membership:

  • Work closely with the EU institutions to provide data and input regarding strategic objectives, priorities and governance of FCH JU 2014-2020
  • Enjoy the exclusive privilege to shape the yearly call for proposals through FCH 2 JU Annual Work Plans (AWPs) and benefit from valuable resources made available through the collaboration of FCH JU private and public partners 
  • Shape the course for the leading European association for hydrogen and fuel cells through our General Assembly and Committees
  • Network with potential business partners and interact with decision-makers and stakeholders at EU level
  • Take advantage of services provided by Hydrogen Europe Secretariat

For further information please visit the official website of Hydrogen Europe.