The IMG-S is an open forum bringing together technology experts from Industry, SMEs, Research and Technology Organisations  (RTOs) and Academia. With more than one hundred entities, it covers the entire security RTD domain and is able to bring an answer to European and global security needs.

IMG-S Vision

The IMG-S aims to support the European Commission and its Member States to build world-class European technological capabilities. By defining research priorities for the security domain at all levels, from fundamental research to mission capabilities and system integration, IMG-S contributes to ensure that short, mid-term and long-term security needs are addressed.

IMG-S Mission

IMG-S has the mission to provide input to the Horizon2020 Secure Societies Work Programmes via its thematic groups and co-organize the Secure Societies networking events.

Who can join IMG-S?

IMG-S is open to any type of institutions like academia, indusrty, SMEs, research organizations and public authorities.

Working Fields

The structure and working groups of IMG-S is shown as below:


The major members of IMG-S can be listed as follows: Cassidian, Indra, Cea, TNO, SAAB, Thales and Fraunhofer.

Turkish Members of IMG-S

The Turkish members of IMG-S are: TAI, C2Tech, LNL Technology, MilSOFT, NanoBiz, Servus and TUBITAK.

How can be a member of IMG-S

For membership please contact:

IMG-S Roadmap Elements

Detailed Information

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