NEM Vision

The European Technology Platform NEM aims at being a key player in Interactive Content & Media and the Creative Industries, operating within the European innovation ecosystem to help turn Europe into an Innovation Union.

NEM Mission

  • Focus of NEM is on innovative services and applications that constitute different media forms and creative content.
  • To deliver the services in a seamless and interactive way to a variety of end-user terminals and devices, including fixed and handheld terminals.
  • To improving the quality, enjoyment and value of the user experience.
  • To empower end-users in creating their media and communication environments, including user-generated content

Who can join NEM?

The NEM constituency includes all major European organisations working in the networked and electronic media area, including content providers, creative industries, broadcasters, network equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers, academia, standardisation bodies and government institutions. Membership is free and open to all and members will be encouraged to actively participate in NEM events and contribute to NEM activities

Working Fields

  • Digital Content
  • Distributed Media Applications
  • Future Media Delivery Networks and NetworkServices
  • New User Devices and Terminals


NEM has more than 1.000 partners and some leading members are as follows:

Atos, Barco, BBC, British Telecom, Cap Digital,Digital Catapult, Engineering, Eurescom, EBU, Fraunhofer Fokus, Imec, Inria, Intel, Nokia, Orange, RAI, Technicolor, Tecnalia, Telecom Italia, TNO, VRT, Waterford Institutes of Technology

Turkish Members of NEM

Arçelik, Avera,  Bilkent Üniversitesi, Boğazici Üniversitesi, Cabot, Egesys, Ekospor, Espada Yazılım, Etiya Yazılım, Evre Danışmanlık, Hisbim, İkon Teknoloji, Innova, İYTE, Kale Altinay, KoçSistem, Kocaeli Üniversitesi, ODTÜ Teknokent, ODTÜ, Oyunder, Özyegin Üniversitesi, Prodrom, Sabanci Üniversitesi, TAGES, Turkcell, Turk Telekom, Vestel, Yonga

How can be a member of NEM

Membership is free and open to all and members will be encouraged to actively participate in NEM events and contribute to NEM activities. To become a member, please fill out the application form.

NEM Roadmap Elements

  • NEM Sectors (Book Publishing,  Broadcasting, Music, Multimedia, Advertising, Gaming, Fashion, Cultural heritage, Design, Education & training, User and social engagement and collaboration, Novel storytelling techniques, IoT integrated environment, Digital society - Impact of new media on lifestyle)
  • Technology trends (Content Distribution, Content processing, Distribution and display technology, Designing and maintaining security and privacy, Autonomy and automation, Service provision innovation, Enable bimanual interaction, natural walking interfaces, and whole-body involvement in VR, Maturation and enhancements of Brain-Computer Interfaces, Augmented Reality for Inquiry-Based Sciences Education, Challenges in evaluating human-computer interactions (HCI) and immersive content and technology)

Detailed Information

Information provided through this page is compiled from NEM European Technology Platform's online documents, for further information please visit NEM European Technology Platform's website.