Plants for the Future European Technology Platform is membership based ETP where all members agreed on the aim, main tasks, structure and budget. The PlantETP is a key stakeholder in the agri-food chain, representing those organizations, which are active in plant science research, companies investing up to 20% of their annual turnover in plant research and innovation, and farmers keen to access the latest technology adapted to their needs.

Plant ETP Vision

Plants for the Future European Technology Platform aims to develop a competitive, independent and sustainable bio-based European economy that will address the specific needs and choices of European consumers in terms of not only agriculture and food, but through applications in a wide range of fields, including plant based pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy.

Plant ETP Mission

Representing the whole plant innovation chain from fundamental research to crop production and food processing, Plant ETP is committed to stimulating research and innovation in plant science and agriculture as a joint basis between industry, academia and the farming community, to the benefit of the growers and the final consumers.

Who can join Plant ETP?

Industrial companies, academia, farmers/farmer associations can become a member of Plants for the Future European Technology Platform

Working Fields

  • Research: plants, plant production, assessment of vegetable products
  • Innovation: creating practice and products from knowledge
  • Education: training skilled people for research, industry and farming communities


Plants for the Future European Technology Platform has 20 members all around Europe representing various expertise. Some members of PlantETP embodies more than 7000 companies. A few leading members are as follows:

  •     BASF
  •     Bayer CropScience S.A.
  •     Copa-Cogeca
  •     CRAG
  •     EPSO
  •     Eurofins Agroscience Services
  •     EuroSeeds
  •     John Innes Centre
  •     Keygene N.V.
  •     KWS SAAT AG
  •     Nestlé
  •     Oxford University
  •     Sabanci University
  •     SESVanderHave
  •     Südzucker
  •     Syngenta
  •     TopSector Horticulture & Starting Materials
  •     University of Padova
  •     Vegepolys Valley
  •     Vilmorin & Cie


Turkish Members of Plant ETP

Among the members of Plants for the Future European Technology Platform, there are 1 Turkish stakeholders as member:

How can be a member of Plant ETP

Organizations can become a member of PlantETP providing that they fit to the 4 different membership categories given below:

  • Professional companies
  • RTD institutes/Universities
  • Farmers
  • Farmer associations


To be a member of PlantETP, applicants need to contact the organization on 'Membership' website.


For detailed information, you can click on Plants for the Future European Technology Platform website.


Plant ETP Roadmap Elements

Detailed Information