SPARC Vision

Provide a platform for the industrial and academic community to develop a common roadmap for robotics in Europe and to identify the means to realise this roadmap with public support

SPARC Mission

  • To provide a platform for the industrial and academic community
  • To develop a common roadmap for robotics in Europe
  • To identify the means to realise this roadmap with public support

Who can join SPARC?

euRobotics is an international association for all stakeholders in European robotics. euRobotics is representing the private side in Robotics PPP.

Working Fields

Robotics technologies and its applications


euRobotics Aisbl has over 250 Member Organisations representing all sectors involved in Robotics, i.e. research organisations, universities, manufacturers, system integrators, end users. Some leading members are as follows:

ABB, Alstom, CEA, DFKI, ETH Zurich, Fraunhofer IPA, IK4, Inria, Kuka, KU Leuven Üniversitesi, Tecnalia, Twente Üniversitesi, Siemens, Sintef, VTT

Turkish Members of SPARC

There are Turkish members in euRobotics community, such as: 

SANLAB Simülasyon Ar&Ge Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

İnovasyon Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.

How can be a member of SPARC

Members in following categories:

Industry membership: Companies belonging to the robotics industry, which have research, design, development and / or manufacturing facilities for robots established in European countries, companies that have a partnership relationship to the robotics industry, either as a component supplier, service provider, system integrator or end user.

Research membership: Research Technology Organisations (RTO Members) are organisations such as research institutes and departments and laboratories which are emphasizing in particular in bridging the gap between fundamental research (usually carried out by Higher Education Establishments) and product and application development (as carried out by industry). RTOs are generally non-profit organisations. Higher Education Establishments (HES Members) are entities such as universities and university departments and laboratories or research groups of universities engaging in research in the field of robotics technologies and robotics manufacturing in general. They are emphasizing in particular generating knowledge through basic research and educating future robotics scientists and engineers.

Associate membership: Associate Membership is open to trade unions, regional clusters and other stakeholders with an interest in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, disseminating, transferring using and / or applying robotics technology or interested in supporting robotics businesses and robotics-related activities by providing services or financing

All members pay fees based on their robotics related turnover or budget, respectively:

 > Companies:
    (robotics related turnover)
 > RTOs and HES:
    (robotics related budget) 

Annual Fee 
until 2016

Annual Fee
from 2017 on

  Free registrations to the 
  European Robotics Forum 
  based on the annual fee

< 2 Mio Euro

950 Euro

999 Euro


2-10 Mio Euro

2,500 Euro

2,700 Euro


10-50 Mio Euro

5,000 Euro

5,300 Euro


50-100 Mio Euro

10,000 Euro

10,500 Euro


> 100 Mio Euro

15,000 Euro

15,800 Euro



SPARC Roadmap Elements

  • Market Domains (Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Civil Robots, Commercial Robots, Logistics and Transport, Consumer Robots, Military Robots)
  • Robot Categories (on  the  ground, in  the  air, underwater, in  space, inside  the  human  body)
  • Robot Abilities (Configurability, Adaptability, Interaction Ability, Motion Ability, Dependability, Perception Ability, Decisional Autonomy, Cognitive Ability, Manipulation Ability)

Detailed Information

Information provided through this page is compiled from Robotics PPP and EuRobotics online documents, for further information please visit Robotics PPP ve EuRobotics European Technology Platform's website.