The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation Vision

To strengthen the dialogue and interaction among Internet of Things (IoT) players in Europe, and to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem to speed up the take up of IoT.

The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation Mission

  • To bring key players together
  • To map and evaluate global IoT innovation
  • To lead on convergence and interoperability of IOT standards

Who can join The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation?

Membership is open to any legal entity with a legitimate interest in being part of the Alliance. This includes small businesses, corporations, associations, universities and public authorities.

Working Fields

  • IoT Technologies
  • IoT Applications
  • IoT Standardisation and Policy

Members are expected to contribute AIOTI Working Groups, which are also the roadmap contents.

  • WG 1: IoT European Research Cluster
  • WG 2: Innovation Ecosystems
  • WG 3: IoT Standardisation
  • WG 4: IoT Policy
  • WG 5: Smart living environment for ageing well
  • WG 6: Smart Farming and Food Security
  • WG 7: Wearables
  • WG 8: Smart Cities
  • WG 9: Smart Mobility
  • WG 10: Smart Water Management
  • WG 11: Smart Manufacturing
  • WG 12: Smart Energy
  • WG 13: Smart Buildings and Architecture


Its Founding Members  include Philips Lighting, Vodafone, Siemens, Bosch, Huawei, Nokia, IBM, ATOS, BT, John Deere, Infineon, Engineering LOI, CNH Industrial, Telit Communications, Artemisia, Digital Catapult, Gradiant, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric, and Arthur’s Legal.

Turkish Members of The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation

Işıksoy Tekstil A.Ş. 

How can be a member of The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation

There are different membership conditions according to your legal entity.  

Entity Type Full Member Associate Member
SMEs 1.000,00 EUR 500,00 EUR
Universities and R&D Centres 1.000,00 EUR 500,00 EUR
Associations 1.000,00 EUR 500,00 EUR
Organisations representing end-users 1.000,00 EUR 500,00 EUR
Corporations (not SME) 2.000,00 EUR 1.000,00 EUR
Public entity and/or public admn.   free of charge


To apply, please visit the alliance website and fill out the application form.


The Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation Roadmap Elements

Detailed Information

Information provided through this page is compiled from AIOTIs online documents, for further information please visit AIOTI's website