TP Organics is one the 40 European Technology Platforms (ETP) officially recognized by the European Commission. Its main goal is to leverage the organic sector’s contribution to sustainable farming and food production.To achieve this goal, TP Organics actively engages the whole food supply chain from farmers to consumers. It unites large companies, small & medium enterprises, researchers, farmers, consumers and civil society organisations active in the organic value chain from production, input & supply, to food processing, marketing and consumption.

TP Organics Vision

  • Empowerment of rural areas: organic farming and food systems support crucial empowerment in rural areas
  • Eco-functional intensification: this enhances the productivity, stability and resilience of agro-ecosystems
  • Food for health and wellbeing: high quality foods are the basis for healthy diets, wellbeing and quality of life

TP Organics Mission

  • Actual cost assessment for food and food systems
  • Reincorporation of producers and consumers
  • Rebalancing the market power in supply chain
  • Safety and transparency in food chain
  • Development and exploitation of food processing technologies
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Protein production and consumption
  • Sustainable, diverse and healthy diet
  • Reducing food waste

Who can join TP Organics?

SMEs, research organization, universities, companies, farmer associations, advisory services, can become a member of TP Organics European Technology Platform.

Working Fields

  • Environemt and ecology
  • Depollution
  • Biological and physical properties of soil
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Water scarcity
  • Fossil fuel scarcity
  • Socioeconomical effects
  • Social effects
  • Food quality and safety


TP Organics European Technology Platform has 2041 members all around Europe representaing various expertises. A few leading members are as follows:

  • AgriBioMediteranneo, APRODEV, BERAS, BirdLife Europe, COPA-COGECA, Danube Soya, Eurogroup for Animals, Euromontana, European Council of Young Farmers – CEJA, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), European Trade Unions Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism (EFFAT), European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC), Greenpeace-European Unit, ISOFAR, Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group

How can be a member of TP Organics

Organizations can become a member of TP Organics providing that they fit to the different membership categories given below:

  • Professional companies
  • Academia: Universities and research organization
  • SMEs
  • Research centers
  • Farmer associations
  • Advisory services


To be a member of TP Organics, membership application that can be accessed on 'How to become a member' website, needs to be filled properly.


For detailed information, you can click on TP Organics European Technology Platform website.


TP Organics Roadmap Elements

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