WATERBORNE helps to identify the future RDI needs of European and World maritime, facilitate to dissemination of research results, disclosing RDI findings, and consolidating and optimizing RDI strategies.


Waterborne Technology Platform states their vision on waterborne research, development and innovation as below:

  • Creation of smart ships, smart ports, smart infrastructure
  • Utilization of maritime data with high capacity, low cost, secure data communications
  • Nearly zero environmental damage
  • Clean engines and clean fuels, low resistance hulls, emissions reduction with plug-in refitting solutions
  • Deployment of electric vessels
  • Electrification of harbours and smaller vessels
  • Use of shore based power for larger vessels
  • Deployment of autonomous vessels with reduced manning (use of man for vessel operations)
  • Seamless transfer of goods and integrated logistics
  • Safety and security enhancements with material development for impact and fire resistance regarding ship behaviour and emergency situations
  • Innovative, flexible, modular and efficient working boats
  • Contributing into Blue Growth targets
  • Continuing leader position in design, build, and operations
  • Forming recreative marine sector
  • Advanced production, high value product, advanced modelling, joining, new materials use


Waterborne Technology Platform’s vision is stated under the ‘Objectives’ as following:

  • Alignment of EU maritime RDI with future necessities, stategies and opportunities
  • Determination of innovation and technology
  • Tracking the results of funding into jobs and wealth
  • Creation of smart, green, safe, and successful maritime

Who can join WATERBORNE?

National WATERBORNE Platforms and national maritime clusters can join WATERBORNE Technology Platform.

Working Fields

  • Coordination of maritime research and development activities of Europe
  • Regularly updating R&D requirements
  • Continuing European leadership in globally challenging technology world
  • Meeting criteria for safety and environment
  • Collaboration between EU stakeholders including short sea shipping, inland waterways, yards, equipment manufacturers
  • Collaborating research institutes, universities, and associations
  • Creating complex value chains: front end, software, construction, operation, support, life cycle
  • Alignment, coordination, development end exploit synergies
  • Preparation of Strategic Research Agendas and Vision documents (e.g. Vision 2020)
  • Sustaining safe and efficient operations
  • Competing worldwide in maritime industry
  • Managing the expanding trade volumes and changing patterns

You can get access to WATERBORNE activities via this link.


National maritime clusters and National WATERBORNE Technology Platforms are members of WATERBORNE Technology Platform.


Turkish Members of WATERBORNE

GISBIR (Turkish Shipbuilder's Association) is the member of WATERBORNE Technology Platform from Turkey

How can be a member of WATERBORNE

WATERBORNE Roadmap Elements

  • Smart Vessels, Fleets, and Ports
  • Automated and Autonomous Vessels
  • Ultra Low Energy and Emission Vessels and Systems
  • Safe, Secure and Adaptable Passenger Vessels for Inland, Inshore and Offshore Duties
  • Flexible Craft for Coastal and Offshore Duties
  • Green, Efficient and Flexible Inland Waterway Vessels
  • Trends and Drivers

You can reach the details of the road map element under WATERBORNE internet site.

Detailed Information

For detailed information on WATERBORNE Technology Platform, you can investigate through their web site.