WSSTP Vision

  • The European water sector as of 2030; to be a leader and competent position in water to provide clean, safe and economical water services
  • To be able to find solutions to global problems and regional needs by ensuring the functioning of water and sanitation services for social and environmental benefit in the framework of integrated water resources management

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WSSTP Mission

  • Foster collaborative, innovative and integrated European Research and Technologies Development
  • Ensure the European Growth and Competitiveness of the Water Sector
  • Provide Global answers to Global Challenges for the next generations
  • Address the challenges of an integrated and sustainable management of water resources

Who can join WSSTP?

  • Multinational Corporations
  • Research and Technology Developers
  • Utilities
  • Suppliers and SME`s
  • Large Water Users

Working Fields

Participation to WssTP Working Groups is in principle only open for representatives from WssTP members and WssTP strategic partners. Working Gropus are given below. The objectivers, leader institutions and the contact information of the Groups can be reached via this link.

  • Water and Agrifood
  • Bathing Water
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Emerging Compounds
  • Financing for EU Competitiveness
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Managing Hydroclimatic Extreme Events
  • Membrane Innovation and Education for Water
  • Resource Recovery
  • Water Management in Gaz Production and Storage
  • Techwatch
  • Urban Water Pollution
  • Water beyond Europe
  • Water-Energy-Food-Biodiversity Nexus
  • Water and ICT
  • Water and Industry
  • Renewable Energy and Desalination
  • Water and Energy


WssTP consists of 161 members and a network of more than 700 individuals from Industry, research, technology providers, policy makers and water users. Please use this link to reach more about the members.

Turkish Members of WSSTP

TUBITAK Marmara Research Center Environment and Cleaner Production Institute

How can be a member of WSSTP

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WSSTP Roadmap Elements

  • Adaptation to hydro-climatic extremes (droughts and floods)
  • Sustainable water management and agriculture
  • Sustainable water management in and around urban areas
  • Sustainable water management for industry
  • Mitigation of water stress in coastal zones 
  • Rehabilitation of degraded water zones (surface and groundwater)

To download WssTP Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) please click here.

Detailed Information

WssTP is the European Technology Platform for Water initiated by the European Commission in 2004, WssTP strives to promote coordination and collaboration of Research and Innovation in the European water sector, improving same time its competitiveness. WssTP represents a key mechanism to further coordinate research, demonstration and pilot projects in the water sector. 

For further information please visit the web site of WSSTP.