The purpose of Synergy Grants is to bring two to four researchers and address ambitious research questions using their complementary skills, knowledge and resources in unprecedented ways. With this scheme the ultimate goal is to give support to a close collaborative interactions that will enable transformative research at the forefront of science, capable of yielding ground-breaking or even unpredictable scientific results and/or cross-fertilizing disciplines.

The researchers applying to Synergy Grant are expected to explain the synergies between them in detail and the groundbreaking discoveries that a single researcher cannot achieve alone but can only be achieved together. There are no other specific requirements other than high scientific quality and ambition enhanced by the synergetic collaborative aspect of the project , however Synergy Grant Calls are expected to be highly competitive, where only exceptional applications will be accepted. If you would like to have more information, please contact us.

Synergy Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 10 000 000 for a period of 6 years. However, up to an additional EUR 4 000 000 in total can be requested in the proposal to cover (a) eligible "start-up" costs for Principal Investigators moving to the EU or an Associated Country from elsewhere as a consequence of receiving the ERC grant and/or (b) the purchase of major equipment and/or (c) access to large facilities.