The Principal Investigator shall have been awarded his/her first PhD at least 2 and up to 7 years prior to 1 January (call date). As an example: for ERC-StG-2019 call, the researcher shall have been awarded his/her first PhD between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2016.

The effective elapsed time since the award of the first PhD can be reduced in certain properly documented circumstances like: maternity, paternity leave, long-term illness or clinical training. For example, for maternity the effective elapsed time since the award of the first PhD will be reduced by 18 months for each child born before or after the PhD award. If you are unsure about your eligibility please contact us.

A competitive Starting Grant Principal Investigator must have already shown the potential for research independence and evidence of maturity, for example by having produced at least one important publication as main author or without the participation of their PhD supervisor.

Starting Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of 1.5 Million Euros for a period of 5 years. However, this budget may go up to a maximum of 2 Million Euros to cover (a) eligible "start-up" costs for Principal Investigators moving to the EU or an Associated Country like Turkey from elsewhere as a consequence of receiving the ERC grant and/or (b) the purchase of major equipment and/or (c) access to large facilities.

If you need more information please refer to the ERC Work Programme and related ERC Information for Applicants documents.



ERC-2019-StG Call is closed.

ERC-2020-StG Call is expected to be published on July-August 2019 and closed on October 2019.

StG Calls are published annually and the general features do not differ year by year. Therefore if you are preparing to submit a proposal to 2020 StG Call, please refer to the important documents for ERC-2019-StG Call below. For any suggestions and questions about ERC Calls you can always send an email to


Important Dokümanlar:

ERC 2019 Yılı Çalışma Programı
Information for Applicants to the Starting and Consolidator Grant 2019 Call
StG Proposal Template

Other documents:

ERC Rules for Submission and Evaluation
Horizon2020 Annotated Grant Agreement
ERC Mono Beneficiary Model Grant Agreement
ERC Multi Beneficiary Model Grant Agreement