The supported projects received a total of 1.34 Million Euros from the European Commission within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Program, the national coordination of which is carried out by TÜBİTAK!

5 different projects including 10 Turkish organizations benefiting from the applications made under the Research and Innovation Exchange Program (RISE) were supported by “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions” under the Scientific Excellence component of the Horizon 2020 Program with a 1.34 million Euros budget.

SuChAQuality, one of the projects entitled to be funded in the call, is coordinated by METU and achieved a great success by getting a near-perfect score and funding at the top of the list. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to develop alternative quality and reliability methods in the sugar and confectionery industry. There are 12 partners from 9 different countries in the project, in which Kayseri Seker Factory, DURUKAN CONFECTIONERY INC. And Tören Food Company are included.

In the same call, 2 of the 4 project applications where Kadir Has University was the coordinator were funded, and one was above the threshold. In the AI4LABOUR project, in which Arçelik is a partner, one of the funded projects, it is aimed to reshape the participation of the workforce with the use of artificial intelligence. The project has 8 partners from 4 different countries in total.

In the other project named CONSIDER, in which Kadir Has University is funded as the coordinator, studies will be carried out on the sustainable management of industrial heritage as a source of urban development. There are a total of 12 partners from 6 different countries in the project, in which Kadıköy Municipality is also a partner.

In addition, Marmara University has been awarded as a partner in the LABOR project coordinated by Estonia and Gazi University in the RISEinFAMILY project coordinated by Spain.