This year’s Factories of the Future Community Days took place on 22 & 23 May 2019 (Thon EU Hotel, Brussels). The two-day event included brokerage sessions for the upcoming FoF 2020 calls in the morning of 22 May followed in the afternoon of 22 May PM and 23 May by parallel sessions focussing on the project results, demonstrators and their impact, covering a broad spectrum of technologies and applications.

Please note that all presentations are now online available on the EFFRA event website:

Around 60 presentations during the impact session which focused on project outcomes, demonstrators and results. Nearly all speakers have given us their agreement to publish their slides.

The presentations from the brokerage session were available already before, including the slides of the two Commission presentations. Regarding the Factories of the Future 2020 calls, please note that “online-brokerage“ is continuing:

If you wish to share your interest and capabilities in relation to a call topic , then please use the project idea section of the EFFRA Innovation Portal.