Horizon 2020 Battery Flagship and Related Battery Calls Advisory Group Meeting has been held on 25th April 2019 in Ankara TUBITAK headquarters. The participants across Europe and Turkey have found the chance to get first insight to new Battery Calls. The afternoon part of the event also enabled the participants to seek out new networking and collaboration opportunities.

The opening speech and presentation have been made by Prof. Hasan Mandal as TUBITAK President. Prof. MANDAL gave presentation about Recent Development in Integration of Turkey Research Area (TARAL) to the European Research Area (ERA). In his presentation, he pointed out significant increase in research and development indicators, TUBITAK STI Funding and TUBITAK Academic Research and Development Funding. Furthermore, Prof. Dr Mandal gave information about new strategic approach of TUBITAK and the creation of national target and input-oriented programs. At the end of his speech, Prof. Mandal referred to Importance of Batteries for EU and Turkey and expectation from the Advisory Group Meeting; (i) raising awareness, (ii) cooperation and (iii) setting up a National Battery Focus Group within Turkish Industry and Academy.

Battery 2030+: A Large Scale Research Initiative on Battery Technologies, Prof. Kristina Edström, Uppsala University

Prof. Edstrom from Uppsala University pointed out that she is directly working with the industry sector. She also explained why Europe is connected to this sector by defining Transport, Large Scale Storage and UPS & Grid Quality. She underlined the importance of increasing number in electric vehicles and decreasing the cost of the Li-on Batteries. She also remarked Core Group and Stakeholder Supports for all the areas, and the Manifesto as well. As an objective, she underlined the establishing the Battery 2030 roadmap. She also encouraged the participants for the workshop that will be held after the summer season.

Prof. Edstrom underlined the upcoming calls following;

  • Materials 20M Euro
  • Sensors 10M Euro
  • Self Healing 10M Euro
  • M – ERA Net – 5M Euro from EC and at least 10M Euro from Member states.

Battery Technologies in Turkey & Horizon2020 Battery Calls, Dr. Orkun Hasekioğlu, Advisor to the President of TUBITAK

Dr. Orkun Hasekioğlu began his speech with the entrance of the program of the event including announcing the Batteries with numbers and market budget by giving the statistics on the basis of MWh from over the world. He gave detailed information about Battery 2020 Call topics by mentioning their challenges, scopes, expected impacts, budgets, type of action and deadlines. At the end of his speech, Dr. Hasekioğlu gave the structural details for Competencies of Tubitak Marmara Research Center (MAM). He strongly emphasized the capacity of the laboratories of the institution and areas of work.

Batteries Europe – European Technology and Innovation Platform, Ilka von Dalwigk, InnoEnergy

At beginning of her speech, Ms. Dalwigk mentioned the European Battery Market and its capacity as 250 billion EUR per year and providing 4 million jobs for people.

She respectively stressed the topics following;

  1. Strategic Action Plan on Batteries
  2. Batteries Europe the ETIP for Batteries
  3. Relation to other European Battery Networks: TRL 7-9, TRL 4-8, TRL 1-3.
  4. Draft Governance Proposal: General Assembly, Executive Committee and Working Groups.
  5. Composition of Working Groups;

Ms. Dalwigk underlined the importance of goals and tasks of National and Regional Stakeholders for the NCPs.

Battery R&D Activities in RINA Consulting, Donato Zangani, R&D Manager at RINA Consulting

Mr. Zangani gave information about RINA Consulting including their competences, experiences and services such as Energy, Marine Industry, Transport & Infrastructure and Certification.

Their numbers of projects, achievements, `where we work` and works related the battery technologies explained by him. He gave examples from their projects as (i) Muse Grids (ii) Smile in A nutshell (iii) E-lobster and (iv)Scores in a nutshell.

The approach of Smile was introduced to participants. Moreover, he also mentioned the situations of ORKNEY, SAM SO and MADEIRA.

Following the opening speeches of TUBITAK presidents and guest speakers, participants made a presentation of their capabilities and target call topics.

The meeting report and presentations have been shared via the links below.


Agenda of the Meeting


Meeting Report

Prof. Hasan Mandal -TUBITAK President

Dr. Orkun Hasekioglu - TUBITAK

Kristina Edstrom - Battery2030 - Uppsala University

Ilka von Dalwigk - Innoenergy

Donato Zangani - R&D Manager at RINA Consulting

Hatice Gokdemir - Mutlu Aku

Omer Andac - Ondokuz Mayis University

Ramazan Nejat Tuncay - Okan University

Erdeniz Erol - ELKON

Gulin Vardar - Bogazici University

Tayfur Ozturk - Middle East Technical University

Burak Ulgut - Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University

Damla Eroglu Pala - Bogazici University

Sevda Avcı - Istanbul Medeniyet Universty

Rezan Demir Cakan - Gebze Technical University

Safak Baykal - ENDOKS

Ogeday Capar - VOLRAD

Emre Erdem - Sabanci Universty

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