Guidelines for the legal and financial aspects of the Horizon 2020 Programme have been prepared as an activity of "Cost Bestpract Project" funded under the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Programme. The guidelines were prepared with the valuable contributions of universities, research centres and other related institutions all over the Europe, in order to assist project administrators in preventing or resolving possible problems related to project planning and implementation process in Horizon 2020 (H2020), and to attach importance to the details of comprehensive rules and process of the Programme.


Given the fact that the Model Grant Agreement is still the main obligatory reference document for the H2020 participants, it is believed that these guidelines would enable the participants to understand the related process and rules of the Programme easier, and to provide an overview of identified good practices in project management & administration.


The abovementioned legal and financial guidelines which is believed to have a very useful content also for stakeholders in Turkey, are available in the link.


For any questions either about the guidelines or any legal and financial matters of H2020 Programme, you can contact us any time.


H2020 Legal and Financial Matters Team