10th European Molecular Biology Organisation Young Scientists’ Forum took place in İstanbul, at Bogazici University on 5-6 January 2018.

The event was organized by Assoc. Prof. Umut Sahin, one of the EMBO Instalation Grantees from Turkey, and Principal Investigator at the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Bogazici University.

EYSF aims to bring young scientists, post-docs, PhD students and EMBO IG grantees together, and provide them a common platform to share their knowledge and experience in the area of molecular biology based life sciences. During the EYSF meetings, young researchers and scientists not only have the opportunity for meeting the experts, and be informed about the last technological and scientific proceedings, but also present their research to the worldwide famous scientists.

In addition, Dr. Jale Sahin, the EMBO National Contact Point from TUBITAK, Directorate for International Cooperation, Bilateral and Multilateral Relations Department, gave a talk and showed statistical data for Turkish scientists’, students’ and researchers’ participation to EMBO activities. Moreover, she mentioned about recent investments and improvements in molecular biology based life sciences in Turkey.


EMBO promotes research in life sciences with various support programmes. To learn more about EMBO, and its supports please send an e-mail to embo@tubitak.gov.tr.