In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Commission has launched a request for expressions of interest entitled “SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020: Advancing knowledge for the clinical and public health response to the 2019-nCoV epidemic”, with a budget of €10 million.

Furthermore, the grants will be subject to rapid data sharing clauses to ensure that research findings immediately inform the public health response.

  • The deadline is 12 February 2020.
  • The thresholds for each criterion will be 3 (Excellence), 4 (Impact) and 3 (Implementation). The cumulative threshold will be 11.
  • Funding per proposal is expected to be around €2 to 3 million.
  • Beneficiaries must make their research data available; therefore the relevant option of Article 29.3 of the model Grand Agreement will be applied.

All relevant information has been published on the funding& tenders portal link