European Commission and EASME held an Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day  in Brussels on 22 January 2019. Energy efficiency topics of the 2019 call of Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 3 – Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy – were presented in a series of workshops organised by EASME throughout the day. The aim of the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day was to present funding opportunities under the 2019 call, to attract new applicants and potential beneficiaries, and to foster networking between participants.You can download the presentations of the Info Day at the links below. 

Cities, Regions, Energy Poverty & Socioeconomics

Policy framework – Energy Efficiency Directive – Anne Weidenbach

Supporting public authorities to implement the Energy Union (EE-16) – Cecile KEREBEL & Michele S.

Mitigating household energy poverty (EC-2) – Nina Klemola

Socio-economic research conceptualising and modelling energy efficiency and energy demand (EE-14) – Giulia Pizzini

How to Prepare a Successful Project Proposal: Experience from COMPETE4 SECAP Project – Marika Rosa

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Policy context – Nora Bednarski

Topic EE-1 Decarbonisation of the EU Building Stock – Philippe MOSELEY

Pro-Get-one Energy Efficiency and Seismic Safety (Success Story) – Annarita FERRANTE

EE-3: Stimulating demand for sustainable energy skills in the construction sector – Amandine De COSTER-LACOURT

Leveraging synergies between Construction Skills projects: from Train to NZEB to Fit to NZEB (Success Story)

EE-18: Bioclimatic approaches for improving energy performance in buildings in Africa and Europe (CSA) – Janna Schönfeld

Energy Efficiency in Industry

Energy Efficiency Policies and Goals – Serena PONTOGLIO

EE-06: Business case for industrial waste heat/cold recovery: Symbiosis in industrial parks and clusters – non-technological barriers – Bianca-Nicole Lepsa

ENERWATER (Success Story) – Almudena Hospido

Consumer Collective Action & Smart Energy Services

Policy context – Margot Pinault

EC1- The role of consumers in changing the market through informed decision and collective action – Talia Brun Marcen

Enabling next-generation of smart energy services valorising energy efficiency and flexibility – Ulrike NUSCHELER

Lessons Learnt from the NOVICE Project: A Coordinator’s perspective – Jo Southernwood

Mobilising Investment Technical Assistance & Home Renovation Services

EU Policy context – Mobilising investments – Paula Rey Garcia

Topics EE-11 & EE-02 – Adrien Bullier & Martin Eibl

EasyCOPRO: Project preparation (Success Story) – Esther BOLLENDORFF

Finance for Energy Efficiency

EU Policy context – Finance for Energy Efficiency – Paula Rey Garcia

EE-9-2018-2019: Innovative financing for energy efficiency investments – Björn ZAPFEL

EE-10: Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance

Smarter Buildings & Energy Performance Assessment

Policy context – Slyvain ROBERT

Upgrading Smartness of existing buildings (EE-4) & Next Generation of EPC (EE-5)

Energy Efficiency Topics – How to prepare a good an excellent proposal – Gordon Sutherland, Maria Laguna, Christof Marx

You can find the links to the video recordings of the event below:

  • Opening session: Link 1
  • Cities, Regions, Energy Poverty & Socioeconomics: Link 2
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Link 3
  • Energy efficiency in industry: Link 4
  • Consumer Collective Action & Smart Energy Services: Link 5
  • Mobilising Investment Technical Assistance & Home Renovation Services: Link 6
  • Finance for Energy Efficiency: Link 7
  • Smarter Buildings & Energy Performance Assessment: Link  8
  • How to prepare excellent proposal: Link  9