The Health Status Monitor (HSMonitor) Project, supported within the scope of Horizon 2020 Health Area and coordinated by the Ministry of Health, investing in Research and Development (R&D) services for innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) supported monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimize hypertension care is a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project. Five healthcare providers from four countries are involved in this supply, serving a total population of more than 96 million with more than 31 million hypertension. The projected solutions are developed at competitive stages by industry players (suppliers).

HSMonitor project tender announcement was published on 21.08.2020 on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), the tender platform of the European Union Official Gazette. All documents related to the tender can be accessed from the project website. If you want to be a part of this project, all information about tenders and proposals are included in these files.

For-profit operators (companies), NGOs and academic institutions in the PCP "supplier" consortiums can also take part in the tender. The only official communication channel of the HSMonitor proposal process is  

Questions sent to this address must be written in English and sent by 30 September 2020.