The IMI Stakeholder Forum 2020 will take place online on Tuesday 10 November. The theme this year is 'Broader horizons: growing Europe’s health partnership'.

The last calls for IMI2 were launched this year, and the Stakeholder Forum will allow us to take stock of what was achieved, and the many lessons we’ve learned around what has worked well. Additionally, what improvements can be made will be explored and what the future will hold under Horizon Europe will be discussed. The event will feature leaders in both policy making and science and technology expertise.

The focus will be on paediatric cancers to demonstrate how a new partnership would bring new stakeholders together, synergise with the Cancer Mission and be more inclusive in the co-creation of ideas for the programme.  Additionally, the participants (as in, you the stakeholder) can share their thoughts and ideas to help develop the new partnership, avoid pitfalls and build together a world leading collaboration.

IMI encourages all stakeholders in health and medicines R&D to join the Stakeholder Forum: policy makers, academics, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, SMEs and mid-sized enterprises, patient representatives and regulators, health NGOs, representatives of other public-private partnerships and research-funding organisations.


To register for the Stakeholder Forum, simply fill in this form.

Registration is free but obligatory. The deadline for registration is 8 November 2020.

You can download the draft agenda from here.

For more information, you can visit the event website by clicking here.