On the 21st of February 2019 in TUBITAK Headquarters, Ankara, an info-day on Innovative Medicines Initiative 2-Call 17 will be held. Representatives from the IMI office and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) will also be attending the event, and will present topics including the structure of the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the call topics, the legal and financial aspects and the application process during the morning session. Additionally, the Swedish representative for IMI will share their personal and national experiences.

In the afternoon session, in addition to Turkey’s place in IMI and examples of successful projects, information on clinical study regulations in Turkey and TUBITAK Industrial Innovation Network Mechanisms will be given. To be able to have the most productive experience from the info-day, we recommend that attendees review the calls they are interested in before attending.

The aim of IMI, which is the world’s largest public-private partnership in the life sciences field, is to improve health by speeding up the development of, and patient access to, innovative medicines, particularly in areas where there is an unmet medical or social need.


The event will be held in English.

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