The objective of this consultation is to seek the views of EU Research and Innovation (R&I) stakeholders and citizens on the proposed CETP under the future Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme (2021-2027). Based on the draft proposal we wish to consult on the context, the challenges and the areas to be addressed by the CETP, as well as links to other initiatives. The feedback gathered from this public consultation will provide crucial input for the formation of the CETP.  

The consultation is open until 31 August.
If you wish to respond the consultation please start here.

The CETP aims to form a transformative R&I Programme across Europe, the European Partnership for Clean Energy Transition will boost and accelerate energy transition in all its dimensions. It will enable joint R&I programmes from regional to national and global level, co-supported by industry, public organisations, research and citizens’ organisations to make Europe a frontrunner in energy innovation and eventually the first climate-neutral continent. With an ambitious Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) targeting 2030 the partnership will address key challenges of the energy transition with a clear orientation towards outputs and measurable impacts.