Prof. Dr. Haluk Külah from the Middle East Technical University awarded an ERC Proof of Concept grant with 150.000 Euros. The project called OPERA aims to take the first steps to bring the low power, energy harvesting hearing  implants to the market. The project has been highlighted on ERC's homepage and in the newsletter. The news can be found here.

The European Research Council (Europen Research Council (ERC)) funds the frontier research projects and the scientists who will carry out these projects only according to the criteria of scientific excellence, and especially supports projects involving multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, new ideas and unusual innovative approaches. The funds covered by Proof of Concept calls are provided for additional work to verify the commercial / socio-economic potential of projects and contribute to the commercialization of their ideas, in addition to the ERC funds previously supported by ERC.

Professor Dr. Haluk Külah was supported by ERC with 2 Million Euros to research on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based self-managing cochlear implant technology, which can be fully included in the human body. The project named FLAMENCO was supported by the ERC 2015 Consolidator Grant call.