The bilateral cooperation projects call between TUBITAK and Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) will be open in the thematic areas of “water management”; “farming systems” and “agro-food value chains” on 1st of March 2021, within the framework of the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Protocol signed in 2020 between TUBITAK and MCST to support Turkish and Maltese researchers’ joint Research and R&D&I projects.
Moreover, the Section 1 and 2 Calls of the PRIMA Program, which is a program supporting multi-partner international projects in the thematic areas of “water management”; “farming systems” and “agro-food value chains” in the Mediterranean Region, will be open in 2021.
The TUBITAK-MCST Bilateral Cooperation Projects Call and PRIMA Program will be introduced to Turkish and Maltese researchers via TUBITAK-MCST Joint Virtual Info Day on 9th of March 2021 at 15:00 with the participation of Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, President of TUBITAK and Maltese authorities. The language of the Info Day will be English.
To participate in the event, it is necessary to be registered until the 7th of March 2021, 18:00 at the latest. 
After registration, info day’s connection link will be sent to registered researchers via e-mail before the event.
TUBITAK-MCST Bilateral Cooperation Projects Call: Based on the Protocol signed between the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) in 2020, joint “academic research” and “R&D and innovation” projects will be supported. TUBITAK and MCST will support the Research and travel costs of Turkish and Maltese researchers within the framework of this call. Project submission to TUBITAK should be made electronically via electronic submission system.
PRIMA Program: The PRIMA program is an Art.185 initiative supported and funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The multi-partner international research and innovation projects under the thematic areas of water management”; “farming systems” and “agro-food value chains” in the Mediterranean Region are supported by PRIMA Program, which has been initiated in 2018. Please click here for TUBITAK’s PRIMA web page. Please click here for PRIMA web page. For detailed information about PRIMA Project calls, please click here.
15:00-15:40 Opening Speeches
15:40-15:50 PRIMA Program Presentation-TÜBİTAK
15:50-16:00 PRIMA Program Presentation-MCST
16:00-16:05 TÜBİTAK International Cooperation and Bilateral Cooperation Project Call with MCST
16:05-16:15 TÜBİTAK 1071 Program National Project Submission Processes 
16:15-16.25 MCST Bilateral Cooperation and National Project Submission Processes
16:25-16:30 Malta MCST PLUMTRI Platform Presentation
16:30-17:00 Questions & Answers