SusChem 2018 Brokerage Event is Approaching!

SUSCHEM, the Sustainable Chemistry European Technology Platform, is organising a Brokerage Event in Brussels on 23 October 2018.

By participating in the SUSCHEM Brokerage Event;

SUSCHEM is organising a Brokerage Event in Brussels

SUSCHEM, the Sustainable Chemistry European Technology Platform, is organising a brokerage event in Brussels on 18 October 2017.

By participating in the SUSCHEM Brokerage Event;

EU Brokerage Event on KET in Horizon 2020, June 7, 2018 | Mainz, Germany

The objectives of the brokerage event are to present the 

The joint search presentations of the Brokerage Event held in Mainz on 7 June 2018 have been published.

"KET (Key Enabling Technologies) Project Market" was organized in Mainz, Germany on 7 June 2018 by the European Commission.

EFFRA consultation - Horizon Europe "Made in Europe Partnership"

The structure, which operates as a "Factories of the Future" Public - Private Sector Partnership in the Horizon 2020 Program, is planned to continue its activities as a "Made In Europe" partnership in the Horizon Europe Program.

Questions and Answers regarding Open Innovation Test Beds Calls

Question 1 - Could the costs of establishing legal entities needed under the Call Open Innovation Test Beds be considered eligible?

4.4 million € grant to 11 Turkish organizations in 8 different projects in the area of Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Technologies!

8 different projects, including 11 Turkish organizations were supported by the European Commission with a budget of 4.4 m.€ in the area of Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Registration for EuroNanoForum has started

EuroNanoForum 2017, Europe's largest collaborative conference on nanotechnology and advanced materials, will be held in Valletta, Malta from 21-23 June 2017.