FIspace Business Collaboration

Start Date and End Date

01 April 2013
01 September 2015

Turkish Partner(s)

Arçelik, Koç Sistem


Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO Foundation)


20 Million Euro


Horizon 2020 Information and Communication Technologies

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Scientific Outputs

Companies are to provide a highly efficient and highly traceable solution that enables sharing of data on the cloud simultaneously without requiring investment in additional information technologies, and the implementation of many innovative applications. In particular, studies on the design of Security / Privacy & Trust architecture, which is sensitive to the creation of a platform that can be integrated with corporate applications on the "Public Cloud", which is one of the important strategic areas, which is based on open systems, has been carried out. By providing the Public Cloud over the service center in Turkey, extremely critical technological achievements have been achieved in terms of its use in the corporate environment.

Tackling ‘grand’ or societal challenges

It is important to optimize the storage and transportation activities, which are the most important and complex areas of supply chain in the world, planning agriculture, food, logistics and transportation operations in the international market in the future internet environment. The solution realized is global scale in Food, Agriculture, International Logistics and Transport is the first platform to use the cloud infrastructure.

Industrial Innovation (including innovation in services as well as products and processes)

Small and medium-sized companies operating in the field of Information and Communication Technologies in Turkey and Europe will be able to develop institutional applications on this platform and spread it to users network in many countries, especially European countries. Developing applications aimed at supporting the SMEs to be in a position to cope with their international competitors, especially by allowing the institutions and organizations in the relevant sectors to serve in a fast, efficient, safe and most economical way.

Research-influenced changes in policy, agenda-setting

The provision of Improved Public Goods

The improved exercise of professional skill

Human capital development