3D Printers Will Become True in Nanometric Resolution

Start Date and End Date

01 June 2014
31 May 2019

Turkish Partner(s)

Bilkent University


Assoc. Prof. Fatih Ömer İLDAY


2 Million Euros


ERC Programme

Project Web Page

Scientific Outputs

In the "Nonlinear Laser Lithography (NLL)" basic research project, it is aimed to nanostructure the materials by spontaneous formation mechanisms in 2 dimensions and then in 3 dimensions by using ultrasound laser pulses and microplasma jets.

Tackling ‘grand’ or societal challenges

Industrial Innovation (including innovation in services as well as products and processes)

The NLL project will develop a technique that could potentially be a leading technique in nanoelectronics that includes technical nanoelectronics, high-tech glass, etc. In addition, as a candidate for revolutionary 3D printer technologies, starting from the nanometer scale with ultrasound laser, the synthesis of 3-dimensional structures and the development of ultrafast laser technology in Turkey will be supported.

Research-influenced changes in policy, agenda-setting

The provision of Improved Public Goods

The improved exercise of professional skill

Human capital development