Variable Rate Fertilizer System

Start Date and End Date

01 May 2016
30 October 2016

Turkish Partner(s)

GEOSYS GIS, Regional Planning, Electronics, Informatics, Engineering, Consultancy Services Ltd.


GEOSYS GIS, Regional Planning, Electronics, Informatics, Engineering, Consultancy Services Ltd.


50.000 Euro


Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

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Scientific Outputs

By the end of H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 project, GEOSYS has realized a feasibility report to expand the current version of variable rate fertilizer system: TARGIS®-VRA to the European market.

Tackling ‘grand’ or societal challenges

Global trend in agricultural demand and production is related to the increase in global population. According to the United Nations, the global population will be 9 billion by 2050. Changing trends make issues regarding food crisis and security a global focal point. The yields of major grains grow lower than the increasing food demand. Increasing production increases the ecological and economic burden of agriculture. The burden will continue unless yield levels don't continue to grow. Despite restrains, with the support of changing technologies, agricultural practices shift to a “precision farming” standard. Digital technologies, data driven innovation, geographical information system technologies, cloud based and connected machines add-up to the agricultural value chain.
With TARGIS®-VRA, our variable rate application & precision farming system for traditional/ retro-fitted tractors, a farmer can save 25% of fertiliser for each agricultural season, without sacrificing from yield. No extra machinery investment, training and implementation periods for customers will be necessary to switch their current business model into higher technological devices.

Industrial Innovation (including innovation in services as well as products and processes)

Traditional/conventional tractors and implement systems are not compatible with technologic equipment needed to practice precision farming. High technology solutions are expensive, complex and require much more training and high skills for efficient use.
The objective of TARGIS®-VRA, variable rate fertilizing system, is to bring a next generation precision agriculture technology to the farming industry and allow farmers all over the world to exploit their traditional, legacy machinery in the modern interconnected environment, achieving huge benefits in their production.

Research-influenced changes in policy, agenda-setting

The provision of Improved Public Goods

Within the scope of the project it will be possible to establish soil fertility and fertilization maps. In this context, efficiency analysis study and agricultural production and planning studies at national scale can be held. These studies will be able to provide decision support infrastructure for the preparation of national agricultural policies, taking updated and rational values into consideration.

The improved exercise of professional skill

TARGIS®-VRA, designed and developed with national know-how and resources, is in line with the needs of our country's farmers. Moreover, the product has been tested in the field for its technical and practical aspects. Because TARGIS®-VRA is compatible with traditional and conventional agricultural machinery, it will be possible for farmers to achieve accessibility and applicability with low investment budgets.

Human capital development