Automating Timed Automata Design

Start Date and End Date

01 August 2018
31 July 2020

Turkish Partner(s)

Middle East Technical University


Dr. Ebru Aydın Göl


157 845 Euro


Horizon2020 Marie-Curie

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Scientific Outputs

Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are everywhere, from autonomous vehicles to medical devices to smart buildings. Designing such CPSs that achieve complex tasks is a tedious and error prone process. During the design, high-level specifications describing desired functionalities, safety measures, physical properties and restrictions, and optimality criteria have to be considered. Furthermore, as people’s life may depend on CPSs, their correctness is of critical importance. This IF project aims at developing new theory and novel academic tools to make possible the design of such systems in an automated way from a set of given descriptions and specifications with optimality and correctness guarantees.

Tackling ‘grand’ or societal challenges

Errors emerging in the design and development of critical systems can lead to serious loss of life and property. The loss of satellites, aircraft and train accidents are among the most striking examples in this regard. The expansion of the use of the autonomous and smart systems necessitates improvement in the design process. This project will contribute to this by automating part of the desing with correctness guarantees.

Industrial Innovation (including innovation in services as well as products and processes)

Everyday use of CPSs is becoming increasingly widespread with the expansion of the market on the smart systems/products. This project aims at simplifying the process of designing such systems. Consequently, the product design processes will accelerate and the design cost will reduce.  Furthermore, it is planned to apply the results on a practical example in collaboration with an SME at METU Technopark.

Research-influenced changes in policy, agenda-setting

The provision of Improved Public Goods

The improved exercise of professional skill

The project will help Dr. Ebru aydın Göl, after studying and working in the USA, to build up her reputation in Europe and to form new research collaborations with European researchers, which will be followed by the initiation and development of joint grant proposals. Furthermore, the research and project management skills that she will gain from this IF project will strengthen the new proposals that she plans to prepare upon the successful completion of this project.

Human capital development