H2020 Travel Grant covers up to a maximum of 1,500 Euros for each approved application.

The following expenditures can be reimbursed to beneficiaries:

  • Round-trip economy class aircraft, train or bus ticket price,

  • Accommodation expenses covering the day ahead of the meeting and the day when the meeting is over. The upper limit of accommodation is 180 Euro per night (if the travel is outside Turkey) and 180 TL per night (if the travel is within Turkey),

  • Public transportation costs in the domestic orcountry of travel,

  • Participation fee,

  • Visa and departure fee (the shortest Visa fee is paid as to be compatible with the duration of the meeting),

  • For every night of accommodation 60 TL (if the travel is within Turkey) or 60 Euros (if the travel is outside Turkey) as a daily allowance can be reimbursed.


  • For the reimbursement, the requested documents must be delivered to TUBITAK within 2 months following return of the travel. Otherwise, no payment will be made. The grant is provided in the form of reimbursement of the expenses incurred during travel to the grant beneficiary.
  • Payments are made in return for the original copies of invoices/financial document. Payments cannot be made for expenditure documents issued on behalf of the institution.
  • For the reimbursement, all invoices with signed payment request letter and list of contents should be exhibited to TUBITAK.
  • In the case of application before travel, the Travel Report on the travel activities carried out together with the expenditure documents should also be exhibited to TUBITAK.
  • The reimbursement of foreign currency expenditures is paid in Turkish Liras at the exchange rate of the CBRT when the payment document is issued.
  • H2020 Travel Grant is based on public transportation and taxi is not included in the support. Notwithstanding, if the payment for taxi usage is declared, this situation must be justified and accepted by TUBITAK.