Public institutions and organizations, universities, small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with national legislation (SMEs) and non-profit organizations in Turkey may apply for the support.

Industrial organizations that are not considered as SMEs under national legislation cannot apply.



Applications within the scope of this announcement will be received twice in 2020 and the applications in each application period will be evaluated separately. Applications for 2020 network memberships can be made until June 24, 2020, 18:00, applications for 2021 network memberships can be made until October 22, 2020, 18:00. Applications can be made online at The documents requiring signature should be sent to TÜBİTAK by post after online application is completed.



Networks subject to the support are limited to the networks listed here. In accordance with the national legislation, the condition of being an SME is only a criterion for application. The fact that the status of SME has changed after the application does not constitute an obstacle.



  • Support for the Membership to the Networks Application Form (The form is filled in during online application).
  • Other documents to be requested by TÜBİTAK during the evaluation process


Click here for the infographic where you can find the details of the support.

Click here for online application.