Support is granted after financial documents and other requested documents are approved if there are any. Within the scope of the support, a maximum of EUR 15,000 for each approved application / person is paid in TL.

The invoice for the annual membership fee must be issued on behalf of the applicant organization.

  1. Documents required for payment are sent to TÜBİTAK,
  2. After the payment documents are examined and the report is approved, the payment processes are started. During the payment process, TÜBİTAK may request additional information / documents from the applicant along with the payment documents.
  3. Expenses made in foreign currency are calculated in Turkish Lira at the CBRT's exchange rate of the day the payment document is issued and are issued in TL so as not to exceed the total support amount.
  4. Following the delivery of the payment documents to the Accounting Unit, an e-mail is sent to the applicants.