Food security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine and Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy is one of the 7 themes of Horizon 2020 Programme under the pillar of Societal Challenges.


Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy aims the sustainable and most efficient use of biological resources. The main objectives of the theme are supplying the secure and quality food in sufficient amounts and developing the sustainable and resource-efficient primary production systems. Developing systems and processes that can produce more food and other biological systems which have less impact on the environment and are low-input is a need in both Europe and the world. In this sense, the issues to bring forth a solution for are secure and sufficient production of food and feed, sustainable use of primary resources and transition towards bio-based industries. The main priorities within the theme are:

  • Sustainable Food Security: Resilient and resource-efficient value chains
  • Blue Growth: Marine and Maritime Research - Demonstrating an ocean of opportunities
  • Rural Renaissance: Fostering innovation and business opportunities
  • Bioeconomy: Bio-based innovation for sustainable goods and services


Total budget of the field is 3.8 Billion Euro.