Agriculture and food security: Agricultural markets and international trade, Agricultural monitoring, Agricultural technological innovation, Crop yield forecasting, Farming in the EU, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Forestry, Global food security, Rural development [1]


Economic and Monetary Union: Financial and economic analysis, Fiscal policy analysis, Regional economic analysis and modelling [2]


Energy and transport: Energy efficiency, Energy sector economic analysis, Energy security, systems and market, Energy technology & innovation, Nuclear energy, Renewable energy, Sustainable transport and fuels, Transport safety and security, Transport sector economic analysis [3]


Environment and climate change: Air quality and greenhouse gases, Climate change, Coastal and marine environment, Earth observation, Ecosystems and biodiversity, Environmental monitoring, Forestry, Green and circular economy, Integrated sustainability assessments, Natural and man-made hazards, Raw materials, Soil, Sustainable production and consumption, Water [4]


Health and consumer protection: Alternatives to animal testing and safety assessment of chemicals, Bioinformatics, Consumer products, Food and feed safety, Food authenticity and quality, GMOs, Healthcare quality, Human exposure, Nanotechnology, Nutrition, Public health [5]


Information Society: Cybersecurity, Digital Earth, Digital Economy, Digital Living, Employability and social inclusion, Security for privacy and data protection [6]


Innovation and growth: Composite indicators, Counterfactual impact evaluation, Education and Lifelong Learning, Fiscal policy analysis, Industrial research and innovation, Nanotechnology, Raw materials, Regional economic analysis and modelling, Research and innovation policies, Sensitivity analysis, sensitivity auditing and impact assessment, Smart specialisation, Sustainable production and consumption [7]


Nuclear safety and security: Nuclear knowledge management, training and education, Nuclear safeguards and security, Nuclear safety, Nuclear science base for standardisation, Preparedness for radiological emergencies [8]


Safety and Security: Accident prevention, Antifraud, Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards, Crisis management, Critical infrastructure protection, Cybersecurity, Global safety and security, Nuclear safety, Security for privacy and data protection, Surveillance, Transport safety and security [9]


Standards: Certified reference materials, Nuclear science base for standardisation [10]