The European Technology Transfer Offices circle (European TTO circle) is a network established with the aim to bring together the major public research organisations in order to share best practices, knowledge and expertise, perform joint activities and develop a common approach towards international standards for the professionalization of technology transfer [1].  The TTO Circle includes 31 of the largest research organisations in Europe. TUBITAK is a member of TTO circle [2].


The European TTO Circle Work Packages [3]

Work Package 1: Facilitate the use and the dissemination of existing Knowhow and Intellectual Property

  • Analysing complementarities of IP portfolios,
  • Developing a framework scheme to maximise the use of IP and know-how


Work Package 2: Create a Technology Transfer Financial Facility

Accelerate the commercialisation of public research results with a particular focus on early stage technologies


Work Package 3: Foster a European Entrepreneurship ecosystem

  • Stimulate entrepreneurial mindsets,
  • Facilitate the creation of innovative business start-ups,
  • Foster a culture that is friendlier to entrepreneurship and business development


Work Package 4: Strengthen European Technology Transfer Offices

  • Training delivered by WIPO on specific TT matters
  • Short-term exchange of staff
  • Developing an IT tool: patent + publication analysis
  • Exchange of good practices


e-learning course on Knowledge Transfer  [4]

This e-learning course on Knowledge Transfer is mainly dedicated to University and Research Center's scientists and researchers. The goal of this learning module is to introduce scientists and researchers to some of the important foundations of knowledge and technology transfer. This course consists of 7 chapters: Technology Scouting; Technology and Market Assessment; IP Protection & Management; IP Promotion; Negotiation; Commercialisation and Market. To access the course, please click here