INFRAIA calls focus on opening up key national and regional research infrastructures to all European researchers from both academia and industry as well as ensuring their optimal use and joint development. In addition to serving basic science challenges, Integrating Activities target research infrastructures, ranging across all fields of science and technology, needed to support the EU political priorities and address the Societal Challenges, including Focus Areas. They also target research infrastructures needed to gain leadership in the industrial and enabling technologies. ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures are not specifically targeted by this call. Nevertheless, where relevant, they can participate in an integrating activity together with other key national and regional research infrastructures. 

European researchers need effective and convenient access to the best research infrastructures in order to conduct research for the advancement of knowledge and technology. The aim of this action is to bring together, integrate on the European scale, and open up key national and regional research infrastructures to all European researchers, from both academia and industry, ensuring their optimal use and joint development. INFRAIA calls are devoted to achieve these aims. 

An Integrating Activity will mobilise a comprehensive consortium of several key research infrastructures in a given field as well as other stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, technological partners, research institutions) from different Member States, Associated Countries and other third countries4 when appropriate, in particular when they offer complementary or more advanced services than those available in Europe. Funding will be provided to support, in particular, the trans-national and virtual access provided to European researchers (and to researchers from Third Countries under certain conditions), the cooperation between research infrastructures, scientific communities, industry and other stakeholders, the improvement of the services the infrastructures provide, the harmonisation, optimisation and improvement of access procedures and interfaces.