Competitiveness, non-dependence and innovation of the European space sector must be ensured by fostering the development of space technologies. The overarching objective is to contribute at European level, in conjunction with Member States and ESA, to the safeguarding and further development of a competitive and entrepreneurial space industry (including SMEs) and the strengthening of European non-dependence in space systems. This implies enabling advances in space technologies and operational concepts from idea to demonstration in representative terrestrial environments and/or in space.

Attention will be given to some clear trends in space technology development; on the one hand miniaturization on system and subsystem level, as well as in the development of instrumentation. On the other hand the development to generic technologies coming available for a number of different science and application areas. This leads to obvious synergies that should be promoted.

Competitiveness of European space industry is strongly dependent on performance in a global market, which has a high variability when compared to the institutional market. The ability to react to contract opportunities world-wide with recurring technologies for satellites is a critical success factor, and depends on ready access for integrators to subsystem and equipment capacities in Europe.