Transportation is at utmost importance within Europe by triggering economic growth, creating jobs with its world-leading industrial entities around Europe. Besides innovative transport projects granted from the beginning of EU Framework Programmes, Transport Area is accepted among prioritized areas holding ‘big’ budgets.

European Union is aiming to reduce transport-related green house gas emissions, dependency on fossil fuels, traffic congestion, difficulties on accessibility, etc. by creating innovative, sustainable, smart, green, and integrated solutions and to foster European transport industry’s competitiveness to societal issues via EU-funded projects. Allocated Transport budget between the years 2014-2020 is approximately 6.33 Billion Euros.

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Transport related acitivities for Horizon 2020 Programme are under the headings of ‘Mobility for Growth’, ‘Green Vehicles’ and ‘Automated Road Transport’ with specialized cross-platforms 'SME Instrument' and 'Fast Track to Innovation' Pilot Programme.

Mobility for Growth

Aviation, waterborne, road transport, safety, logistics, infrastructure are some themes under Mobility for Growth 2018-2020 call. Headings under this call is as follows:

1. Building a Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Future: Low-Carbon and Sustainable Transport

2. Safe, Integrated and Resilient Transport Systems

3. Global Leadership and Competitiveness 

4. Accounting for the People

Blue Growth

Green Vehicles

Automated Road Transport

Next-Generation Batteries

SME Instrument

Fast Track to Innovation

Total Budget: 6.3 Billion Euro